It is an immense pleasure to introduce State Level Olympiads - State Level Mathematics & Science Olympiad (SMSO), State Level Reasoning and English Olympiad (SREO) for students of classes 2 - 10.

This Olympiads primarily focuses on testing scholastic skills of students studying in Classes 2 to 10. The Subjects that are a part of the testing process are Mathematics, Science, Reasoning and English. This Olympiads are designed to help aspiring students understand the fundamentals and also improve their Problem-solving skills.

Team Master Brains, is armed with renowned educationalists and executives with hands on experience of more than 10 years in the field of Olympiads and have associated with leading organizations. With such experience; we would like to be victorious in the role of entrepreneur with all your support and participation.

We wish to extend our environs for “helping students succeed”. You will have a be & enhance skills in your wards through a new path. We realize that schools play a crucial role in laying the foundation of a student's career and our aim is to help schools on this platform in the aforementioned. We aspire to bring out the competitive spirit in students.

This Olympiads are open to all schools and we request you to propose the benefit of taking part in this Olympiads for Classes 2 to 10.